Based in Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN, Mr. Mystery Productions, LLC has been providing interactive Mystery Theater to audiences throughout the upper midwest since 1990, and prides itself in producing only the highest quality entertainment of this type in the region.


Typically centering around a banquet or reception, Mr. Mystery Productions actors quickly "set the stage" for the event.  By appearing in costume, in character, the cast leads the audience into an odyssey of mystery and intrigue, comedy and fun!


We currently offer fifteen scripts from which you can choose for your event.  We have also written special scripts for clients to showcase their product, while using interactive dinner theater medium as an advertising tool geared toward their customers.

What we have to offer

MR. MYSTERY PRODUCTIONS, LLC can put together an evening's program, typically centered around a meal or banquet, which lasts two to three hours, consisting of a mystery play in which actors portray different characters, acting out scenes which provide clues to the audience, leading to the solution.


Guests take part in the play, quizzing characters, interacting with each other, solving clues, trying to put together whodunit, whydunit and howdunit. An icebreaker exercise is used to get the audience on their feet and asking questions. Typically, the mystery ends with a solution being announced by the police or security character, and the audience is involved by determining the solution. Usually, prizes are awarded to the first to come up with the correct solution.

Our Key is Audience involvement!

Our specially trained improvisational and comedy actors will involve the audience in the solution to this mystery, in a non-threatening, fun way!